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You are already here!!! In the Domesday Book (1086)
Normanton is known as 'Normantune'

a sub district of Wachefelt (Wakefield),

Although it is commonly believed that the origins of the name
'Normanton' are Northman town or town of the Northmen,

the actual origins are more simply explained;
In Norman times,
Haw Hill was the site of an enclosed settlement,(chosen for it strategic view points of the surrounding area), this settlement became known as 'Norman-tune', or 'Norman-ton', but records show Normanton existing from the middle of the eight century.

All Saints Church in Normanton has existed since at least 1256, thought to have been commissioned by Roger Le Peytivin of Altofts Hall, it has been re-built a number of times over the last 700 years, and has one of the oldest altar stones in England, the altar stone was discovered during remodelling work, concealed in the floor of the church.

In the early 20th century, Normanton was a large Railway Junction, serving as a important part of the transport infrastructure, for National and Local industries (including Coal and Bricks), although most of this was lost during the 1950's and 1960's, Normanton continued to be a Coal producing area until the 1980's.

The Normanton of today,
is a centrally located distribution centre, served by three motorways, the M62 (Manchester to Hull (west to east)), the M1 (Main arterial motorway (North to South)), and the A1(M), Including large Multi-National companies such as Pioneer and ASDA (Walmart),

Normanton still produces Bricks (Normanton Brick Company Ltd.), but the largest employment market is now the distribution centre, whereas 20 years ago, a large majority of male works were employed by British Coal.

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Ancient Family Names in Normanton include:
Bunnys of Newland

Torres of Snydale

Favells of Normanton

Smiths (Dodsworths) of Newland

Mallets of Normanton

Levetts of Normanton

Cockhills of Altofts

John Freston Esquire (D.1594)

(John Freston built a small hospital in Kirkthorpe,

and Normanton Grammar School, next to All Saints Church,

the building still exists but has been converted to cottages).



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