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10 Market Street, Normanton
"Reasonable rates and friendly service"
Opposite West Street, Next to the Chippy
Location in Normanton
Shop Opening Times
Local Computer Services shop is
OPEN (see times below)
Please TEXT only on 0788 0620 321
to arrange a Drop off or Collection
or for General Enquires
By Appointment Only 10am - 6pm
2pm - 4pm (Appointments before 2 & after 4)
By Appointment Only 10am - 6pm
2pm - 4pm (Appointments before 2 & after 4)
2pm - 4pm (Appointments before 2 & after 4)
By Appointment Only 10am - 6pm
Local Computer Services (Normanton)
Is NOT a Telephone based business
If you are unable to contact us using the
LandLine number 01924 315 320
Please Try Texting the Mobile
number 0788 0620 321
It is the policy of this business, to Reject and Block:
Unsolicited calls of any type,
All calls from outside the local area,
Unknown and Anonymous calls.
(if you are "Ex-Directory" or have a "Withheld" number
please dial 141 or 1470 before our number
to "unhide" your number)
Send us an Email
Computer Servicing, Repairs and Upgrades
    Upgrade your old tired computer £175*
    Quad Core upgrade package,  
    includes: (CPU, Main Board, RAM & Installation)  
    AMD FX4300 Quad Core 3.8GHz AM3+ Processor
    Main Board: Socket AM3+, DDR3 1333, PCI-Express,  
    VGA, SATA3, Audio & LAN.  
    4096MB/4GB DDR3 RAM with heatsinks.  
    (For 8192MB/8GB DDR3 RAM with heatsinks - Add £25)  
    Price includes full installation into your original PC case,  
    Reinstall of OS, hardware check and software optimisation.  
    *(Other Parts / Components may be required, these are not included  
    in the initial £175, for example, a Higher Wattage Power Supply Unit may be  
    required, this is not covered by the initial £175).  
    Memory Upgrades (includes in-store installation) Laptop PC
    512MB (0.5GB) DDR RAM £10 £10
    1024MB (1GB) DDR RAM £20 £20
    1024MB (1GB) DDR2 RAM £15 £15
    2048MB (2GB) DDR2 RAM £25 £25
    1024MB (1GB) DDR3 RAM £10 £10
    2048MB (2GB) DDR3 RAM £20 £20
    4096MB (4GB) DDR3 RAM £45 £35
    8192MB (8GB) DDR3 RAM £65 £45
    PC Hard Disk Drive Upgrades SATA  
    1TB / 1000GB 7,200rpm (as an extra drive) £ASK  
    1TB / 1000GB 7,200rpm (as the System/Boot drive*) £ASK  
    120GB Solid State Drive (as an extra drive) £45  
    120GB Solid State Drive (as the System/Boot drive*) £60  
    240GB Solid State Drive (as an extra drive) £60  
    240GB Solid State Drive (as the System/Boot drive*) £75  
(includes installation *& Re-install of MS Windows etc)
    Laptop Hard Disk Drive Upgrades  
    1TB / 1000GB 5,400rpm SATA (as the System/Boot drive) Price on request
    120GB S.S.D. Hard Disk SATA (as the System/Boot drive) £60
    240GB S.S.D. Hard Disk SATA (as the System/Boot drive) £75
(includes installation & Re-install of MS Windows etc)
    S.S.D. Hard Disks / Solid State Drive Hard Disks:  
    No Mechanical Parts within the drive, based on Memory Chip  
    Technology, Data integrity NOT damaged by minor drops &  
    knocks, a more sturdy technology for Family / Active  
    environments. SSD Drives Do NOT need Defragmenting.  
    Computer Service / Virus removal / Spyware removal £25
    includes: hardware check & software optimisation,  
    Virus & Spyware removal and installation of Anti-virus,
    Firewall and Anti-Spyware where necessary.
    Re-install OS (Operating System / Windows)
    Windows 95/98/ME re-install £25
    Windows 2000 / Xp re-install £35
    Windows Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 /Win 8.1 re-install £35
    Repair: Replacement of faulty parts
    Laptop Circuit Board Repairs: NO FIX NO FEE £65 N/A
    Symptoms resolved include (but not limited to):    
    Not Charging, No Power, Power but no display, Graphics    
    and Display Problems, Over-heating Problems.    
    Successful Repairs are charged at £65 and    
    include a 3 month Warranty.    
    15.6" LED LCD Laptop* Screen Replacement £65 N/A
    (Replacement of damaged 15.6"/15.4" Laptop* LED screen)    
    17" LED LCD Laptop* Screen Replacement £75 N/A
    (Replacement of damaged 15.6"/15.4" Laptop* LED screen)    
    (other sizes available, price upon request)    
    Laptop* Power / Charger Connector Repaired or Replaced £65 N/A
    (if you are unable to charge your Laptop* due to damage to the    
    power / charging socket on the Laptop*)    
    (* Most popular brands of Laptop and Notebook Repaired)    
    CDrom / CDrw / DVDrom / DVDrw (etc.) inc. replace & check
    Includes 1 (one) new SATA DVDrw Disk Drive (Burns & reads both CD & DVD)
    Hard Disk Drive replacement (120Gb HDD Laptop or PC)
    Includes re-install of Operating System (Windows) & Data Recovery (If possibly)

Other Components:

    All major Computer Parts repaired or replaced    
    Call for a free quote on 01924 315 320    
    Or TEXT on 0788 0620 321  
    Other Services:  
    Wireless Router / Internet configuration from £35
    (Includes configuration of one wireless router & one wireless Computer/Pc on-site)  
Extra PC/Laptop config. during site visit :
£10 per PC/Laptop
All information correct at the time of publication,
prices & times may change without prior notice.
Send us an Email
General Tips for Windows users
    Internet Security recommendations  
    Please ensure you have the following 3 forms of protection:  
Anti-virus software (free here)  
a Firewall, including Port and Application protection  
    (DO NOT rely on the free Windows Firewall to fully protect you  
    as this only provides port protection and a little more)  
    *Firewall test HERE  
Anti-spyware software (free here) (free here)  
    NB: Any Software package that does three or four jobs, i.e.  
    Anti-virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware, Spam filter etc etc etc  
    MAY make your computer slower,  
    below are some examples:  
    Mcafee Internet Security  
    Norton Anti-Virus/ Internet Security/System Security/Works  
    (Separate Anti-virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware are  
    usually more robust,  
    because if one program fails the other two usually still  
    run whereas with norton/mcafee, one failing module can  
    cause the whole security system to fail, norton/mcafee also  
    over-ride the MS Windows protection once installed.  
    So if norton / mcafee fails on your PC,  
    you could end up having no protection at all). Be Aware!  
    For information about the health of your PC, visit the link below:  
    BBC Click - PC Health Check (external Link)  
    Flat Screen / LCD Monitor or Laptop / Notebook Users:  

ALWAYS set your Screen to Power off,

    your LCD screen has components that WILL wear out,  
    Please Don't use an animated or picture screen-saver,  
    as that will make you need a replacement more quickly.  
    Laptop / Notebook Users:  
    Your Laptop / Notebook Battery has a Limited Life,  
    If your system will run without the Battery installed,  
    remove the Battery & just use the Mains Power/Charger Unit,  
    or if not, charge your battery to Full then unplug the Charger;  
    Never leave the Laptop / Notebook plugged into the Charger  
    all the time with the battery installed, only when Charging  
    the Battery.  
Local Computer Services Advice:
Backing up All your important info,
pictures, videos, documents, music etc
attempting ANY of the system maintenance tasks below.
All the below system maintenance tasks are microsoft utilities,
and therefore Local Computer Services accepts
no responsibility for any subsequent problem or data lose
occurring during utilisation of the Microsoft system maintenance tasks.
    Error checking your Hard Disk (Thorough Check)
    (use this Method a minimum of once per month
    or straight after a unscheduled re-boot or system crash
    or always before a Defragmentation)  
Open "My Computer"
Right Click over "Local Drive C:" or its Icon
    (or the Hard Disk you're checking, e.g. "Local Drive E:")
Left Click on "Properties" at the bottom of the pop-up menu
    when the "Properties" window opens
Left Click on the "Tools" tab near the top
Then Left Click "Check now..." in the Error-checking section
    when the small new window opens
Put a "tick" in both boxes:
    "tick" (Automatically fix file system errors)
    "tick" (Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors)
    (Only "tick" Automatically fix file system errors to run the  
    Standard Check, this will only take about 5-20 minutes)  
and Left Click on "Start" on the small window
Another message will appear, Left Click on "Yes" (win xp)
    or Left Click on "Schedule disk check" (win vista / win 7 / win 8)  
    (the message in xp says you can only do a System Hard Disk check
    when Windows is not full running, because it needs exclusive
    access to the Hard Disk been checked and will run on next restart)
then Left Click the "Start" Button in the corner of your screen
Left Click "Turn off Computer..."
Left Click on "Restart"
    As your computer re-starts, before starting full Windows Xp
    a blue screen should appear, giving a Ten (10) second countdown
    please don't press any keys at this stage,
    wait for the Hard Disk check to begin
    (then go make a tea or something,
    average checking times for a 20Gb Hard Disk: 15 - 80 mins)
    Once the Hard Disk check has finished the computer may:
    a) Re-boot / re-start then load Windows
    b) immediately load Windows
    Both these are normal, any errors should have been repaired,
    unless serious errors have occurred on your Hard Disk Drive,
    in that case, back-up your personal data (photos, favorites, etc),
    to CD / DVD or Removable Storage Device and have the
    Hard Disk Drive replaced by qualified service personnel as soon
    as possible. ;0)
    Defrag - Defragmenting your Hard Disk  
    (NB: SSD / Memory based storage does not need Defraging)  
    (use this Method a minimum of once per week  
    or straight after installing / uninstalling software)  
    Only use Defrag AFTER error checking your Hard Disk  
    (Thorough Check) (Method as above)  
    Hard Disk information is stored randomly, a program like  
    MS Word may be a 1000 individual storage units randomly  
    placed on the Hard disk, defragmentation moves the stored  
    information into a more quickly accessed format,  
    all 1000 storage blocks in a 'line' instead of randomly allocated.  
    Defragmentation can speed up file access and therefore  
    speed up your computer.  
    Run Defrag overnight or when you're not using your computer,  
    close ALL other programs and unplug your internet connection).  
Open "My Computer"  
Right Click over "Local Drive C:" or its Icon  
    (or the Hard Disk you're checking, e.g. "Local Drive E:")  
Left Click on "Properties" at the bottom of the pop-up menu  
    when the "Properties" window opens  
Left Click on the "Tools" tab near the top  
Then Left Click "Defragment now..." in the Defragmentation section  
    When the new window opens  
    Left Click on "Defragment"  
    (then just leave it running,  
    average defrag times for a 20Gb Hard Disk: 15 - 80 mins,  
    a 120Gb Hard Disk, badly fragmented, can take over 10 Hours).  
    System File Check utility (SFC)  
    Run the system file check utility to replace any missing or  
    corrupted windows system files.  
(You MAY need the MS Windows CD/DVD
to use this utility)
Click "Start"  
Click "Run"  
Click into the "Open:" text box and  
    type "cmd" Press ok or Enter,  
a black window will open on your desktop, click this window  
type "SFC /SCANNOW" and press Enter  
a small dialog should appear in the centre of your desktop,  
this is the system file checker running, please wait as  
this may take 10-35 minutes, have a tea or something,  
Re-start your computer when this utility finishes (Disappears).  
Always keep your Windows updated
Windows Update Site
You are HERE Already!!!! :0)
"Reasonable rates and friendly service"