Lisa King
Community Advocate - Project Officer
Normanton Police Station
Tel: 01924 221354

West Yorkshire Police's Community Safety Department has received nearly £200,000

from the Home Office to help improve the quality of life for people living and working in the in the county.

The money has been granted to embrace and directly address the concept of Civil renewal,

which is the Government's drive to encourage citizens to be at the heart of the community,

to make a difference and to feel motivated to solve problems.

West Yorkshire Police will use the money to explore new ways of working with communities in the CIRCLE Project, which will be launched in two Districts within the Force.

The project is a ground-breaking scheme, which will involve the appointment of six Community Advocate Project Officers, who will each be responsible for an area in West Yorkshire. Within this area they will work with the local communities to identify issues that affect people's quality of life and the environment in which they live. The Project Officers will work closely with residents, businesses, educational establishments and other community organisations to develop solutions to local problems. They will also be fully supported by West Yorkshire Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and members of the extended police family, who can provide additional resources and share ideas where required.

Detective Chief Superintendent Grahame Bullock, Head of West Yorkshire's Community Safety Department said: "This project has the potential to have a major impact on real issues, identified by and addressed by real people. It is not about increasing police numbers in particular areas, it's about the desire to work together with the new Project Officers, existing resources and the determination to make a difference. Of course it's a way of working to bring down crime, but it's also engaging communities in crime prevention and community safety issues, encouraging their involvement in group activities and sharing in the pride that follows local achievements. We understand that each area in West Yorkshire isn't the same, that different issues affect different areas and through the CIRCLE Project we aim to encourage and support effective solutions to concerns identified by the groups that will be working on this pilot initiative"

The Project is scheduled to last for 12 months and if successful,

will be expanded to other areas across the West Yorkshire.

If you would like to know more about the CIRCLE Project in your area

then please contact your Community Advocate - Project Officer Lisa King on 01924 221354.


Normanton Community Network
Do you know what's going on in your community?
If not then get connected to Normanton Community Network.

A one-stop shop for community information is being set up and will be based at The Freeston Business & Enterprise College. Information on events, local agencies, businesses, community groups and much much more will be readily available from Normanton Community Network. This exciting, new venture is a cross-community initiative supported by:- The CIRCLE Project, Churches Together, Town Council and The Freeston Business & Enterprise College. Along with this information shop will be a community space that can be used by a wide range of partners to accommodate your community needs.

Before the proposed launch in the autumn we need your help to find out what facilities will be most beneficial to the Normanton Community. Questionnaires will be sent out and individuals will be available for informal discussions so please use this opportunity to have your say and put your ideas forward on how best to use your community space.